Counselling Support

Our qualified Counsellor has first-hand experience of disability and its impact on
you and your family. We offer compassionate support with practical advice to help with feelings of isolation, overwhelm, anxiety, depression and grief.

Professional Counselling

Reliability are excited to offer our own professional counselling and therapeutic support service. Our qualified counsellor currently offers accessible therapeutic support via Zoom and/or phone.

Meet Brittany

Brittany Archer

Brittany graduated with a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences and a Masters in Counselling from the University of Queensland, and a Masters of Social Work from Griffith University. She has worked in a range of settings, providing support to clients of all ages and abilities. Brittany has worked in family counselling, child art and play therapy, group psychosocial and support programs and Cancer/Grief and loss counselling. Brittany has a passion for working with neurodiverse and disabled individuals and their families, also supporting customers through grief and loss.

Comprehensive Support

Providing a comprehensive support service means taking care of your mental health too. We acknowledge that having a disability can mean that you may face unique challenges in life and need therapeutic support that will work to your individual needs. Many services and systems disadvantage neurodiversity and those who aren’t able-bodied, and this experience can compound when difficult events such as relationship problems, grief and loss, mental health and trauma occur. You may have experienced services attributing your emotional struggle to your disability, rather than recognising that you are having a justifiable, human response to a challenging life circumstance. 

Person-Centred Approach

Reliability also recognises the importance of creating a space where you can voice your experience without judgement or invalidation. Our counsellor works in a collaborative, person-centred approach to elevate your voice and explore your personal experience of the problems you face. No-one knows your life and situations more than you, so we strive to position you as the expert in the room. By utilising narrative, strengths-based and solution-focused models, we aim to explore the skills, knowledge and values you possess and repurpose these in ways that leave you feeling stronger and empowered.

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If you are interested in receiving such support, please contact us today.