About Us

..Having family members with Autism and Spina Bifida, I understand how disabilities can affect all areas of your life. I know what it means to receive good support and I know the positive impact this can have on everyone. Having many successful years in the care industry, I know how to provide good support. I hold myself and our workers to high standards.
I am passionate about working with people with a disability. I believe everyone should have an opportunity to break out of the standard forms of support and start enjoying their dreams. Everyone has a different idea of adventure. I try to find what you would like to do and then do all in my power to make that happen.

Adventure Image - Mark with a fishing rod in one hand, holding up a big blue swimmer crab in the other hand.
Adventure Image -  Richard crawling through a cave tunnel.
Caving – Capricorn Caves
Adventure Image -  Jim and Damian in the ReliAbility Dune Buggy.
Buggy Escapades
Adventure Image -  Lone, Richard, Danielle and Jim in an open section of cave. Large rock on the base of the cave and large fig tree roots climbing the walls of the cave.
Caving – Capricorn Caves

Things we like to do !

  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Story bridge climb
  • Capricorn Cave tours
  • Camping

Adventure Image - Jim and Damien kayaking on beautiful blue green water just out from a sandy beach.
Kayaking – Bongaree
Adventure Image -  Storey bridge lit up at night. The image is taken from the highest peak of the bridge looking north.
Story Bridge Climb

Our Vision

Reliability Care’s core belief is in the right of all individuals to share a fair and equitable place in the community. We seek to promote accessibility to all areas of the community and promote a society which respects and values all its members. We aim to provide services that allow people with disabilities to further their independence, reach their personal goals, make personal choices and grow as individuals whilst maintaining their privacy and dignity. We aim to increase and enhance individual’s participation in the community and the participation of the community in the lives of those with disabilities and their families. Our vision is to create a seamlessly inclusive environment that promotes the well-being of all.

Our Mission

Reliability Support & Care Services aim to provide the highest level of professional services and support to improve the lives and well-being of people with disabilities and their families. We are committed to listening carefully to the customer and providing the most valuable and effective services, responsive to the individuals requirements and delivered within a framework of care and respect and for human rights and the individual.